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About Gujarat

Historical Details
Gujarat was formed on 1st May 1960.

Geographical Details
It’s the westernmost state of India and situated between 20-6’N to 24-42’N north latitude and 68-10’E to 74-28’E east longitude. On the west it is surrounded by the Arabian Sea, on the North and North-East by the state of Rajasthan, on the East by Madhya Pradesh and on the South and South East by Maharashtra. Gujarat shares an international boundary with Pakistan on the North-West border.

Gujarat has a 1600kms coastline, easily the longest among all the states of India. The geographical area of Gujarat is 196,000 sq kms and it accounts of 6.19% of the total land area of India.

Political Details
The state is sub divided into 25 districts, 226 talukas, 142 towns and 18,18 villages.

Demographical Details
According to the 2001 census the population of Gujarat is 5,06,00,000 (little more than 5 crores). The decadal growth rate has increased from 21.19 between 1981-1991 to 22.48 between 1991-2001.

The population density of the state is 258 people per sq. km.

The literacy rate of the state (excluding the children in the age group 0-6) has increased from 61.29% in 1191 to 69.97 in 2001.

Gujarat has totally 96,44,000 (96,44 lakh) households and nearly 38% of the population lives in urban areas.

Agricultural Details
The major food crops of the state are: rice, wheat, jowar, bajra, maize, tur, gram and groundnut. While the major non food crops are cotton and tobacco.

The foodgrains production in 2001-02 stood at 38,28,000 tonnes (38,28 lakh tons).

The gross cropped area stood at 107,02,000 ha (107.02 lakh ha).

The net cropped area stood at 94,99,000 ha (94.99 lakh ha).

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